Soltan Ephemeris

Bruce Heard's World of Calidar Soltan Ephemeris orbital diagram, Calidar's solar system, Soltan, Draconia, Kragdur, Alorea, Lao-Kwei, Kumoshima, Fringe, Ghule

Calidar Position
Draconia Position
Lao-Kwei Position
Canis Major (the Fringe) Position
Ghüle Position

This diagram shows the orbital paths of the +World of Calidar's various planets, as well as their positions in the Soltan Ephemeris, Calidar's solar system.  The white dots indicate the relative positions of the planets on the 3rd day of Loreath, 1512 in Calidar's calendar.  This corresponds to the autumnal equinox, and is an important date in the story.

+Random Wizard created the interactive calendar (calculator page on his blog) to calculate the relative positions at any date in Calidar's calendar.  (Please check out his excellent blog — his interviews with RPG industry creatives are especially well worth reading.)  I have added the rest of the planets, and copied his code here.  Many thanks, Random Wizard!

Update: Random Wizard has created an animation of the calendar, which you can see over at his blog.  It's very impressive, and also quite helpful for understanding how the planets move in relation to each other.
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