Thursday, 2 January 2014

Calidar Pathfinder and Expanded Gazetteer Stretch Goal Reached

More wonderful news on the Kickstarter front: thanks to our 226 backers (and counting!), we have just reached the third stretch goal: +Pathfinder Roleplaying Game conversion and expanded gazetteer, in an extra 25+ pages of content.

Calidar – now to include guidelines for Pathfinder conversion
This is a very important goal, since it expands the core content of the product in two very exciting ways.

Just a few days ago, +Bruce Heard announced that former TSR designer and editor Thomas Reid will write Pathfinder guidelines for Calidar.  That has now become a reality, bringing the +World of Calidar one step closer to integration with existing game systems – especially those of the d20 variety.

From what I've seen of it so far, I can say with confidence that Bruce's generic RPG stat block is very promising on its own, but I'm sure Thomas Reid's guidelines will make it even more so, and even easier to play games in the World of Calidar.

The other part of this stretch goal is an expanded gazetteer section, containing a full writeup of the Kingdom of Meryath.  Bruce gave us a first glimpse of Meryath in two of his short stories, namely Episode VII: The Oracle and Episode VIII: Eternal Glory.  You've likely seen the first draft of the hex map, which will appear on the second poster map, unlocked in the previous stretch goal.  And the renowned Ed Greewood is designing Meryath's capital, the City of Glorathon.

Work-in-progress hex map of Meryath
With 25+ extra pages to fit all this new content in, Calidar: In Stranger Skies just got better for everyone.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you – and I'm talking both as a fan of the setting myself, as well as Calidar's cartographer!

Now, there is one more important stretch goal left – also announced just a few days ago.  I'm really hoping we can get there, because it's a really good one: at $15,500, five archetypical Calidaran skyships will be featured on full colour plates, designed and brought to life by Ben Wootten, complete with statistics and text descriptions.  The ships detailed will be the Star Phoenix, the Eternal Glory (Meryath primarily human design), the Wind Thorn (Alorean elven design), the Scion of Kragdûr (Kragdûr dwarven design), and the Queen's Glory (Draconic Knights).

Let's make it happen – please spread the word, tell your friends about Calidar, share the Kickstarter and other Calidar links (see my sidebar).  We can't do this without you.

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