Saturday, 13 September 2014

Calidar Kickstarter Fulfilment

If you have been following +Bruce's blog (notably here) or his posts on Facebook (embedded below), you will already have heard that the fulfilment process has begun.  To sum up (and spread the word):

  • The poster maps are away!  International backers' packages were sent on Wednesday 10th, US backers on Thursday 11th.  Has anyone got theirs yet?
  • Admirals' packages were sent on Tuesday 9th, except for four packages still awaiting the softcover book.  (More on this below.)  These packages include the hardback book (signed and dedicated), poster maps, cloth map, and bookmark.  I'd love to see some "unboxing" pictures from you guys!
  • Hardback books for international backers were ordered from DTRPG on Friday 12th.  These will be printed and shipped directly to backers.  Books going to Brazil will first be shipped to Bruce, then on to Brazil.  And there is a problem with Canadian orders which will hopefully be sorted out very soon.
  • Hardback books for US backers are scheduled to be ordered today, Saturday 13th.  These will also be printed and shipped directly from the printer to backers.
  • Softcover books have been stalled, but the problem has been found and dealt with.  I'm sure Bruce will be posting more about this soon.  Due to the way DTRPG works, it will likely be another two weeks or so before these can be ordered.
  • Main book PDFs are scheduled to be delivered in the form of coupons for download from DTRPG this weekend.
  • Kickstarter exclusive PDFs, titled Under the Great Vault, will likely be delivered at the same time.

And that's that.

Having worked on this project for so long, I'm really excited to see it get into your hands.  Kickstarter backers, I'd love to hear about it when you get your stuff!  According to Bruce's latest update, things have already started arriving.

Calidar In Stranger Skies, Under the Great Vault short stories cover
Cover for the Kickstarter exclusive PDF.
For those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter, it shouldn't be long now before the book and poster map go on general release.  Bruce has added a new permanent page to his blog, with a short overview of Calidar's product library, and information about where things will be available.

At the same page, you can read an overview of Under the Great Vault, the Kickstarter-exclusive PDF compilation of Calidar short stories.  Good news for people who missed the Kickstarter, too: this PDF will be made available again in future Kickstarter campaigns, of which Bruce mentions the next will be held sometime next year.

For Kickstarter backers, the inclusion of the Kragdûras (dwarvish) dictionary after the short stories is a little added value.  Think of it as a thank you for all your support, as well as your patience in dealing with production delays.  I spent a couple of weeks reformatting Bruce's original blog entry in order to present it in book form, and I think it has turned out great.  I hope you'll find it as useful and fun as I do.

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